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Project Description
The purpose of this project is to create a tool that gives xna developers a visual way of viewing and setting BasicEffect properties for models. No more tweaking BasicEffect settings in breakmode or recompiling just to change a DirectionalLight property.


XNABEE is a model viewer/BasicEffect editor built for XNA 3.1. This is an extension of the XNA WinForms Content Loading example.

Get the code here Code Page
Get the executable here XNABEE v0.10

Current Features

  • Load a model in the supported formats (.X, .fbx)
  • Edit BasicEffect settings in real time
  • Copy the code output and paste it into your draw method


Future Releases

  • Ability to change GraphicsDevice properties
  • Change the texture property to something other than the baked in texture of a model

Developer's Note

This project has gone stale do to lack of interest and short-lived framework. I started to update for 4.0 but that was short. If any interest again let me know and I'll revive. Otherwise, R.I.P XNA...

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